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In Becoming a Fantabulous U, Tina shares her story of how she transformed her life and overcame issues of low self-esteem and low self worth. She takes you on a journey through the rejection and pain that she felt growing up and how that seeped into her adult life. However, her story will inspire you to look at your own life and help you reframe any negative situation you may be facing. Her story will let you see that God’s divine hand is in every difficulty and He is working it out for your good.

She wrote this book for someone to be set free and walk in the purpose God has ordained for them to share with the world. What God did for Tina, he can do the same for you. You, too, can walk with your head held high, and with confidence.

May you be empowered to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly and walk into your purpose and destiny. Butterfly


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It’s to Inspire and Encourage Mothers to Live Their Best Life Imagined will help get you get encouraged, equipped and empowered to be the best mother possible. With encouragement, equipping and empowerment, there’s nothing that will be impossible for you! Come take this 90 day journey with us. It will truly help to inspire and encourage you!

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Daily Dose of Declarations–A 365 Day Journey to Help You Declare Daily Positive Affirmations Over Your Life will help you overcome depression and low self-esteem so that your light can shine bright! With declaring daily declarations, there’s nothing that will be impossible for you! Come take this 365 day journey with us! It will truly help you to live the life of an overcomer!


tina-harmonAbout Tina M. Harmon:
Tina M. Harmon is the Founder and CEO of Fantabulous U. She is also a Mother, Evangelist, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author and a Public Servant for over 25 years in the Federal Government. Her passion is to serve, encourage, and impact the lives of women, who struggle and battle strongholds of low self-esteem. After many years of battling these issues and strongholds herself, she firmly believes she possesses the divine authority and keys to empower and assist women across the world to overcome the issues which prevent them from operating in their divine purpose and destiny. The scripture she loves is: Psalm 139:14, which declares; “I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well”.